Questions about Wedding Ceremonies

Q:  Do I really need to have rehearsal?

A:Presentation is everything, so having rehearsal with me (as your officiant) is imperative.  I will guide through all the small details that you might not be thinking of.  Rehearsal is the time to make any last minutes changes and additions to your ceremony to ensure it is flawless. Since I will be orchestrating the ceremony it only makes sense I be present to do so.  You only get one shot at the ceremony so all parties involved in the ceremony should be there to rehearse. Not only will a rehearsal leave the you and your wedding party confident, it ensure that you have as many amazing pictures as possible.

Q:  We are already married, but now we want to have a ceremony. How do we do just that?


A ceremony for those already married is called a symbolic ceremony.  I will do everything that I would do in a legal ceremony, but we will not prepare and sign marriage licenses.  If you do not want your guests to know you are having a symbolic ceremony, please let me know in advance and I will make sure it is kept secret!

Q:  When will you show up to our ceremony?

A:I will show up 15-20 minutes prior to your ceremony on day of and communicate with the groom and wedding coordinator (if applicable) to make sure everything is ready to go.  After last minute coaching of the groom, I will visit the bride briefly to ensure everything is on target. When booking you book the time you want your ceremony to start, I will show up 15-20 minutes accordingly.  If your ceremony does not start at your contracted start time, there will an onsite late fee assessed.

Q:  What if my ceremony runs late?

A:Life happens, but I recommend that all ceremonies start on time. Falling off target creates problems for all of your wedding vendors.  Please keep in mind that I may be performing other wedding/rehearsal ceremonies on the day of your wedding and if your ceremony runs late, it can cause serious conflict with my schedule that may prevent me from performing your ceremony.   I do schedule time between ceremonies to account for tardiness, however I will not punish another couple if your wedding runs late.    There will be an onsite late fee of $50 every 20 minutes until the ceremony starts (if I am available to stay until your ceremony starts).

Q:  Will my officiant need a microphone?

A:In most cases I will require that a microphone be provided by the couple.  You can get the microphone from the DJ or I have portable PA systems I can bring to rent for $175. You are responsible for making sure that the officiant has a hands free mic since I must have my hands free to hold my book, bless rings and perform rituals.  A lapel or headset mic is preferred but a mic with a stand is ok (not suggested for the best pictures).  If needed, I can also bring a lapel or headset to plug into your DJ’s equipment for $75.

Q:  When are vows due?

A:Vows are due one month prior to the ceremony. A form will be sent out that will record your vow choices, gather emergency contact information (for the day), and confirms all last minute details to make sure are plans for your ceremony are accounted for.

Q: Can my fiancé and I write our own vows?

A:Of course you can! I will simply insert an introduction within the vows for each of you to read.  I do not need your vows beforehand- I like to be surprised too!  Just remember to bring them on your wedding day!

Q:   Why do we pay extra for rituals?

A:Rituals are consider an add-on to traditional vows and I must prepare for any rituals you add, although you are responsible for providing the materials for the ritual since it is your keepsake.  Keep in mind most rituals  require rehearsing,  so I always suggest having a rehearsal if you are going to have rituals.

Q:  Will you stay for the reception?

A:If invited and if time permits, I will happily stay for the reception.

Q:  How and when do I pay?

A:You will be required to pay a 25% (of your total cost) non-refundable ceremony fee at the time that you book your date. The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your ceremony. You may make payments towards your ceremony, with the last payment due 30 days prior to your ceremony.  Late fees are as follows (assessed one day after the paid in full due date):  $25 initial late fee plus $5/day until paid in full. If you have not paid in full 2 weeks before your wedding date, your wedding ceremony will be cancelled and you will be refunded (minus the initial 25% non-refundable ceremony fee).  Please let me know if you will need to make payments when you book your date. All payments will be made via invoice. All couples will be asked to sign a contract before your wedding ceremony is finalized with me.

Q: What’s included in the Day of Coordination you offer?

A:If you need a little help on the day day of your wedding and you already have a wedding officiant, I am happy to help on your wedding day! For $250,   I will arrive 45 minutes prior to your ceremony to: organize your wedding party, cue your DJ and work with your ceremony vendors to coordinate a flawless ceremony.  I will only assist with the ceremony portion of your wedding.  This option is a perfect r couples having a “Do It Yourself” wedding. I can be your rock so that you can focus on getting ready for your important day.

Q:  Do I need witness?

A:Texas does not require a witness, however some wedding licenses may still have a space on the license for witness to sign. You are welcome to have one if you like. 

Q:  How is the license filed?  When will I get a copy?

A:Texas requires that I sign your license and file with the county clerks office which can take up to 30 days.  If your are Military or have special circumstances then I can allow you to keep your license after the ceremony,  and then you may take it into the county clerk. I must pre-approved this option.

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