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Jen's Professional Services was born in 2020 out of a passion for helping other people. Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, I’ve learned to be flexible and accommodating to of my each client’s unique needs and preferences. 

As an educator, not only do I have the organization and planning skills to pay the bills, but I have mastered the art of communication.  If you can manage 30 students for a whole year, you can do anything! The skills that I refined while working in education, seamlessly transfer to the services that I offer here at Jen’s Professional Services. 

When I'm not working, I am the team manager The Fireball Soccer Team, and you can usually find me with my boys attached to some part of my body, or me watching Netflix (while surfing the web, while talking to my husband), or talking loudly on the phone (on speaker) to my sister and my nieces. LOL!

Whether you need a notary public, wedding officiant, loan signing agent, or field inspector, I’ve got you covered.

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"Provided prompt and professional service. Very knowledgeable about her job and thorough in its practice. We recommend without reservation."


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